Expressive Sand Work - Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play Miniatures and Figurines in the Art Therapy Studio

As a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist I find Expressive Sandwork an invaluable creative arts tool to care for people psychologically and offer psychological assistance. The sand worker can explore their thoughts and feelings by laying out one's life, within the sand tray, for their own inspection and therefore gain a deeper understanding of themselves or their situation.

In a free and protected space, the participant has their own sand tray which represents the boundary of their world. By strategically placing chosen minatures, figurines and symbolic objects in the sand tray, the various aspects of their psyche is played out. I hold the space, witness the events of play and take notes of my observations. Very few words need to be spoken.

This process offers the opportunity to step outside the often cyclical mental processes going on in our head and an ability to observe thoughts and feelings from a greater distance. This engagement on a deeper dimension awakens new insights and a clearer perspective in which to move forward with more freedom and ease.

The Sand Tray

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 "We are on this tiny planet, in this unique 'me' form for a short period of time only. Life goes on with or without us.

It is too short to be stuck in our negative mind games or videos, or as Martin Laird says, " the cocktail party in our head of which we are the embarrassing host."

We must unclench our fists, breathe a deep breath, let go and receive a new way of responding to life's challenges with renewed love and connection to our True Self and the abundant life that already is, whether we are aware of it or not!" 

Janet Pfeiffer - Art Therapist

Created by Janet Pfeiffer