Ancient Labyrinth - A Path To Transformation

'Mystical Journey'. Acrylic on canvas. 70 x 70 cm. $375

"I have always looked for ways of engaging a deep connection to my experience of the divine. It is not surprising that I have been drawn to the labyrinth which has long been used for spiritual purposes." Janet Pfeiffer
'Grounded' mixed media 51 x 51 cm $375


The labyrinth is an ancient and universal symbol having different shapes and styles according to the tradition from which they were birthed. It has a single, circuitous pathway that leads from the entrance to the centre, and takes the pilgrim on a journey into the centre of themselves where God awaits to greet them. To walk the labyrinth is to touch God and let God touch us. It is an ancient form of reflective walk for purposes that are significant to the soul and well-being of the spirit. Over the centuries most labyrinths that have been discovered are in connection with churches and monastic locations.  

'Ancient' mixed media 60 x 60 cm $300

The Labyrinth As A Path For Transformation

The Labyrinth walk is an opportunity to reflect on where you are in life at the present moment. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your feelings, relationships, questions and dreams. Placing one foot in front of the other quiets the mind to hear the body's inner voice. While walking, simply ask the question, "What is the message my body is giving me now?" Getting in touch with your inner spirit is an invitation to grow.
'Path to Equality' Acrylic on framed canvas 30 x 30 cm. $80


  •   Take time before you enter the labyrinth to be still 
  •   Look to the centre – create a sense of purpose  – see your goal
  •   Enter the labyrinth 
  •   Be aware of the rhythm of your movement– be aware of the rhythm of the circle taking     you one  way then back the other
  •  As you move toward the centre, meditate upon what you have to bring to God
  •  At the centre, be still in the presence of God at your centre
  •  When ready, move back out of the labyrinth, meditating upon what God has given you
  •  Take time to be still once you have left the labyrinth and offer thanksgiving.

'Centred' mixed media on cradled board. 51 x 51 cm $375
'Inner Life'. Acrylic on cradled board. 41 x 41cm
'Step by Step' Acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 cm. SOLD 2017
'Intuitive' Encaustic 28 x 28 cm (SOLD 2016)

'Mandala' Acrylic 76 x 76 cm (SOLD 2015)


'Finger Labyrinth' mixed media on cradled birch panel 20 x 20 cm. $75
Created by Janet Pfeiffer