Touch Drawing

What is Touch Drawing?

Deborah Koff-Chapin is the founder of Touch Drawing and groups are now run world-wide.

In Touch Drawing, the fingers take the place of pen or paintbrush. Through this direct drawing process, even the least confident of artists finds interior images coming alive on the page. The images are formed through the pressure of fingers on paper that has been placed over an inked board. The hands become organic extensions of the soul, moving freely in response to the sensations of the moment. Many drawings can be created in one session, each a stepping-stone to the next, guiding one deeper and deeper into the self. 

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"The work of Deborah Koff-Chapin releases us into the deepest meanings of life. The soul sees itself reflected in her mirrors, and is revealed to itself. It is art in the service of transformation."

~ Elizabeth Cogburn Director, Tree of Life Ceremonials

 Inner-Portrait Gallery

I love to get a pile of paper and after a short meditation I touch draw portraits on newsprint paper for about 30 mins, one after the other in rapid succession. As the paper is not as transparent as tissue paper I cannot see what my fingers (and nails) are creating until I turn the page over. I am always surprised at the different characters and personalities that emerge from the drawings. I then personify them through dialogue, asking them who they are, what is their name and what do they represent? Are they a part of me or more like a guardian angel. It can be very insightful. These portraits are from two separate sessions. Janet Pfeiffer
Created by Janet Pfeiffer